Recently: Concerts

Back in early June I cold-emailed a mass amount of people. It had been a while since I did that, and I felt pretty silly about it. But I had an idea, and hey, when you wanna do something new you have to tell people about it.

I’ve been very curious concert photography over these last few years, and seeing as I go to probably 7 concerts a year, I figured, why not at least ask. You know? So I asked. And I got some answers (and some press passes). In July, I photographed Dia Frampton’s Bruises tour (with Castro and Jesse Ruben) and last week, I photographed Michelle Branch’s Hopeless Romantic Tour. I loved it.

Concert photography isn’t my specialty. I’m not super confident in it and I have a wicked lot to learn. But it’s something I’m 100% interested in and will 100% keep seeking out opportunities to build my portfolio. Getting to make art of people making art is super inspiring to me and I’m thankful for these opportunities to learn!