WKLY | 16

This past weekend I took my first ever solo road trip (like, longer than 4 hours) ever! I drove down to Lancaster, PA to visit our friends Amanda and Rob for the weekend. I was sad Nate couldn’t come, too, but his season of work is so crazy right now that he stayed home and worked all weekend 🙁 But while he was doing that, I was getting the grand tour of Lancaster city from the Strats! Lancaster is cute, but their son Judah is even cuter 😉

The many faces of Jude at breakfast 🙂

I was impressed and in love with all the colorful, brick row houses! 

Mandy and I stopped into a couple art galleries – some we liked, some we didn’t – but I didn’t realize how artsy of a city Lancaster is!

We ate SO well all weekend. Burritos, nutella crepes, ice cream, fresh donuts, Vietnamese noodles. We balanced it out with a lot of walking 😉 

Other memories:
Saturday night, Mandy and I saw Steve Moakler at the Chameleon.
Sunday we went to church and then took their family photos in a pretty park.
We also had a nice brunch with the Charles family!
Sunday afternoon I drove to my aunt and uncle’s house near Philly.
We planned for our Ireland trip in three weeks! And I stayed the night.
On Monday, I stopped to see my friend Amy on the way home!

happy thursday 🙂