Amanda + Dana // Engaged!! | Connecticut Engagement Photographer

Amanda and Dana are engaged! But let’s back up a sec. In college, Amanda and Dana had heard stories about each other from one of their mutual friends, but had never had a reason to meet. Until! Their friend studied abroad in Italy! So during a fateful spring break, A + D separately flew out to visit their friend, ended up meeting each other, and the rest is history! They can say it all started in Italy 🙂 BUT it continued at UConn, which is where they chose to do their engagement session!

We started out on top of a big hill, near all the cow barns. It was raining, but luckily it wasn’t a downpour and actually pretty sunny. All of a sudden we looked behind us and saw a DOUBLE RAINBOW!! And then they DANCED UNDER IT. What a great way to start our session!

UCONN engagement session_0026

UCONN engagement session_0028


UCONN engagement session_0029The left frame is my second fave. Cozy. Homey.

UCONN engagement session_0030

UCONN engagement session_0031

UCONN engagement session_0032UCONN engagement session_0033

UCONN engagement session_0034Gosh they are just so sweet together.

UCONN engagement session_0035UCONN engagement session_0036UCONN engagement session_0038UCONN engagement session_0037

We stopped by an iconic UConn landmark to finish off the session!

UCONN engagement session_0039

A+ D! I can’t wait for September!
P.S. I’m wearing a Syracuse shirt to your wedding 😉 jkjk.

~ Stephanie