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I will never be able to fully comprehend all the beautiful things that float around the internet/world. I just can’t keep up with it all!

I’ll never be good at designing and making wedding stationery (believe me, I’ve tried) but I’ve come to the conclusion that appreciating it is just as sweet. Sometimes that’s all you CAN do when there’s all this amazing stuff in the world. Appreciate it. And not get mad/frustrated that you may never be very GOOD at it, you know? Does that make sense? Maybe this is just a pep talk to myself.

Here’s some stuff I appreciate. A LOT.


perfectly bohemian stationery by becca wertz
fun spring outfit from old navy
awesome interior, with couch from anthro
geometric fringe necklace from house of hemp
tea and happy things” from hairbrained schemes

Happy Tuesday!


Weekend Sneak Peeks

I was a busy little bee this weekend! Spring is officially here, which means lots of good weather and sunshine for capturing moments. I hung out with this stylish couple at their wedding shower yesterday, and we snuck a few pictures right at the end. This is one of my favorites! I seriously can’t wait for their May wedding!


The last time I saw this little munchkin, she was just barely 3 weeks old! Now look at her! Big blue eyes and all smiles!


And possibly the cutest family photo I’ve ever captured… THIS! Funnest family on the block.:)


I’ll be sharing more from all these sessions throughout the next few weeks, so come back often! Happy Spring!


You, Me + Coffee | Springtime Healthy

 If we were getting coffee together in real life, here’s what I’d tell you about!


It’s finally April and over 30 degrees! Hooray! Things are picking up in my little photography world. I’ve got coffee dates and weddings and family sessions all month long AND my husband is finally home from almost two months of traveling, so it’s safe to say things will be a little less lonely this month. Since he got home last Friday we’ve been catching up on our favorite shows (Psych, Castle, FaceOff) and going on walks. Nate even busted out the grill a few nights ago for a yummy dinner. And I bought him welcome home flowers! Because I’m nice.:)

afterlight copy

Last weekend I attended a complimentary SoulCycle class hosted by the Boston Bloggers networking group. We rode at SoulCycle’s new Chestnut Hill location. Recently I’ve been hearing a lot about this new spinning company, I decided why not try out a class! I wasn’t sure what to expect, but when I walked in the staff was super friendly and the space was welcoming. Not to mention, their branding is legit. I mean, Helvetica. Duh.


I’m a runner. I run pretty much every day. I also do yoga here and there, and try to swim a few times a week. I’m not jacked, but I’d like to think I’m in fairly good shape. But this spinning class? WAS SO HARD FOR ME. The instructor knew all the right combos of exercises to really get our heart rates up and he was very intense and energetic throughout the class. He also played some pretty great (loud!) music, which definitely helped me get through the tough sets. I actually got pretty into it. By the end of it, my legs were burning, but I felt so good, like I had just done something impressive. It was most of us bloggers’ first SoulCycle class, so I’m not sure if the instructor took it easy on us or not, but I’m just going to tell myself it was a normal, hardcore class.;)

The only thing about SoulCycle is, at $30 per class, it’s a bit steep for making it a regular thing. And add that to already having a gym membership and I’m shelling a lot out for staying healthy. I mean, yeah, I’m all about health, but for me, SoulCycle won’t become a regular part of my exercise routine (but I TOTALLY understand if it’s part of yours!). I really did love the workout and the experience! Maybe it’ll be a treat every so often. Are any of you regular SoulCyclers?


So, back to running. I set myself a goal at the beginning of March to run at least one mile every single day, and to my own surprise, I did it! The distances weren’t crazy (the most I ran was 3.3) but it was WAY more than I’d been running pretty much all winter. I’m going to continue this every day trend into April and see where it takes me! If you feel compelled to follow, I’ll be instagramming my journey under the hashtag #runapril. Let me tell you. It’ll be a lot of picture of trees and my feet.

afterlight copy 2

Annnnnd lastly: April + May are booked as far as family sessions go, so if you’re at all interested in reserving a spot for June or July, shoot me an email, quick! Sessions are fun and laid back and silly and tickle-y and piggy-backy. Yes, those are all words.

Happy Wednesday!


Welcome Elodie! // Needham Newborn Photographer

This precious peanut was born a few weeks ago! The first thing her big sister said when I walked in was “This is Elodie! She was born with a lot of hair!”:)I loved peeking into this family’s daily life and being able to capture the sweetest memories with their new little love.



Top image with dad: Favorite. Bottom image with mom: Other favorite!


This girl had me laughing the whole time. She definitely wasn’t camera shy!


E finally woke up and her big blue eyes and chubby cheeks stole the show!


This cozy fam. I like them a lot.



Ariel - These are beautiful! I’ve been loving looking through your family shoots lately, love them!

Stephanie Rita - Thanks Ariel!

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