I wish I could sit down for coffee in real life with everyone who reads this blog! Since that’s mostly not possible (:() , here’s what I’d tell you about if we went on a coffee date together. Feel free to join the conversation in the comments! It’s more fun with friends.


We (added and then) checked another thing off our summer bucket list last weekend with a day trip to Newport with our friends! I had never been before, and our friends gushed about it, so we drove the hour and a half down listening to Matt Kearny and Jesus Culture the whole way. I’m not going to recap step by step, but I will say that my favorite parts were: Ben+Jerry’s ice cream, all the pretty doors, the overall New England-y perfection, the views, the ocean, and the salmon I ate for dinner. And the quality time with these sweet people!

P.S. Remember when I took pictures of everything, all the time? Well, my camera came along for the ride and it brought me back to the good old days. Personal photos for the win.;)



I will have a myriad of exciting things to blog/talk/rant about over the next month. Most of that being the amazing weddings I’ve been invited to photograph, along with some personal real-lifey stuff. Come back often, friends. <3 Happy Thursday!

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Ashley and Todd were married at the ever-so-amazing White Mountain Hotel & Resort in North Conway, NH. After 10 years of being together, it was obvious they were so excited and grateful and HAPPY to finally be getting married. Her welcoming, bubbly personality and his quiet, encouraging ways mix together so well, and it was a joy to photograph them on their big day!


I arrived at the hotel and was immediately stunned by it’s location. It sits at the base of a massive rock formation and on the other side, overlooks the incredible White Mountains. It was breathtaking!


Ashley got all fancied up in one of the WMH‘s suites, with her mom, sisters and grandma along to help. And get this: she has owned her wedding dress for four years! Well, when you’re with someone for a long time, it’s only natural to start talking about the future… and as soon as they started talking about the future, Ashley wanted to simply ‘try’ on some dresses. For fun! Not expecting to actually find the one! But it happened, and four years later, here it is!

Gram and Aunt Evelyn look on. Love this frame.

Ashley’s momma made her bridal bouquet! MADE IT! It was huge and gorgeous and oh-so-colorful. Ashely and Todd’s sweet tribute to their loved ones passed was adding their framed photos to it.


Mom put together a book of memories for her daughter. Tears may have been shed, but beautiful, happy ones.

Ashley and Todd chose to see each other (AND read their vows!) before their ceremony. Neither of them are the super-comfortable-as-the-center-of-attention type, so this private time was the perfect way for them to share their most precious words with each other.



A few portraits before the ceremony!




Ashley’s Uncle Buddy held her hand and walked her down the isle! They were a lively duo!


I wasn’t mad about this ceremony location. In fact, can we redo it? All over? 100 more times?:)


Married! The happiest.




Annnd brothers!



The toasts were fun, and the cake was delicious! (And the food, too! The WMH chefs nailed it.)

I snuck A+T out of the reception for a quick second because I knew these yellow flowers were a prime photo location. And guess what, this next one turned out to be my favorite! Because this is how they are in their natural habitat. All snuggly and giggly together. It’s a good place to be.

And a few more candids with the gazebo lights in the background. These were my last two shots of the night. BOOM!


Congrats, my new lovely friends. I wish you many more fun, adventurous, loving years together!


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I wish I could sit down for coffee in real life with everyone who reads this blog! Since that’s prooooobbably impossible, here’s what I’d tell you about if we were on a coffee date. You can join in the conversation in the comments!


The rate at which these summer days are passing by is UNREAL to me. Just yesterday I turned 25, right? (Nope, that was on June 1st.) Nate and I have regularly said to each other “wow, that was a long time ago” or “no way, it’s already *this day*?!” It kind of worries me. That maybe I’m not fully living. Or really embracing the ‘one day at a time’ concept that I want so desperately to be true in my life. My current world is defined by weekends; which wedding is on what day and which dates are open for this session. It’s necessary for business, but I still feel like I’m missing the regular days. The normal, ‘what’s for dinner’, ‘let’s watch Netflix’ ones.

I was really lucky to spend a day at my family’s lake house this past Sunday. Just a short visit, but we fit so much in. My sister and I kayaked in the morning and went to the (greatest) country store (ever) in the afternoon. My mom and aunt made a big homemade meal and we all sat around the same wobbly-metal-legged table that has been there since before I can remember. I had time to sit by the breezy windows with my coffee and take in the familiar view of the glassy lake. I even took a short nap on the couch. The day felt fresh. Like it mattered. Like we made the most of it.


Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


These next few weeks are looking to be doozies. The kind when there are way more tasks than I feel like I can handle.

But these are the days that matter the most. The regular days. The ones that don’t need to be marked on the calendar, because they are already there! I’m going to try to live them intentionally and joyfully. AND trust that God has the next hundreds of days in my future all set and ready to go. I challenge you to do the same.


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    Yes, time flies by, and it is challenging to remember to appreciate every moment!!

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Dear world, meet Jack! He’s going to be a senior in high school this fall! Which is so crazy to me because I’ve known his since he was maybe 11. Or younger? I forget. Anyways, Jack has been on staff all summer at Camp Spofford switching between maintenance staff and being a counselor! He a funny, sweet guy who loves his family and loves Jesus. He’s on the wrestling team at KHS and is a great athlete.

We had fun exploring the beach and woods of Camp for good photo spots. I feel like he made me laugh more than I made him laugh, but the good thing about that was he laughed at his own jokes, too:)Enjoy these favorites from his senior session.


“Can I do a serious one?”

Saved my favorite for last. Captures him pretty perfectly.


JACK! Thanks for being awesome.:)



If you have (or ARE!) a teen who wants creative, fun senior photos and you live in the Greater Boston area, please email me at stephanieritaphoto[at]gmail or use the ‘become a client’ tab at the top of this page to schedule a personalized session! (I also travel to the Keene, NH area every few months.) Thanks!

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