BEST OF FAMILY 2017 | Stephanie Rita Photography | Natick, MA

Quick 2017 biz-related recap:
This year was eons more optimistic and hopeful and productive for my business than the weird year of 2016. My mindset & my boss lady skills got stronger, and I had a tendency to seek out and say yes to more interesting things. I have nothing but thankfulness for what this year brought for me & my little biz.

Families families families. What can I say about all you lovely humans. You all made 2017 a memorable one. I was so lucky to shoot so many fun, snuggly, adventurous, silly, adorable sessions, full of laughter and high fives and tickle fights and kisses. And that was all YOU! So thank you so much. I really can’t ever say thank you enough.

I hope the photos we made together remind you how you’re all in this together, that you’re a team, a squad, a tribe. I hope that your photos always remind your kiddos just how much they are loved, that they are meant to be yours. I hope that they look back on the photos one day and say “WOW! I was so tiny!”, or “that old house was my favorite.” or “hey sis, your fashion sense was pretty silly back then!” or “yep, our family has always been the best family ever.”

Yes, I take photos very seriously 😉

Please enjoy this collection my favorite Family photos of 2017. 

Just a reminder, to everyone reading this: you don’t need me. Yes, it’s nice to have me (or another photographer), so every family member makes it into the same photo, so you don’t need to worry about a self-timer, or so your kids will actually smile instead of saying “Not again, MOM.”.

But really? You don’t need me. You need whatever camera you have, and you need to take the photo. You need to print that photo out and hang it up, put it in an album, put it on a mantle. Please don’t think that just because professional photos aren’t in the budget, that you are missing out. Phones are magical little devices and your kiddos are going to LOVE rifling through any type of photo you remember to take.  //  End pep talk. 😉

Thanks for making 2017 really, really, really wonderful. I had a lot of fun with you. ~S

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  • Kathi Hildreth

    on December 22, 2017  1:42 pm

    Steph, I love your advice to just take the picture! It’s so important! But you really are so talented at what you do! You capture family magic and love through your lens every time. ❤️