BEST OF LIFESTYLE + PORTRAIT 2017 | Stephanie Rita Photography

Quick 2017 biz-related recap:
This year was eeeeeeons more optimistic and hopeful and productive for my business than the weird year of 2016. My mindset & my boss lady skills got stronger, and I had a tendency to seek out more interesting things and say yes to more interesting things. I can’t pinpoint “this is what I’m doing differently”, but honestly I had no other choice but to go into 2017 with the most faith and determination I’ve ever had. I think that mindset had a lot to do with the positive change. ‘Do the things you love to do.’ is what I kept telling myself. I have nothing but thankfulness for what this year brought for me & my little biz.

We are starting these ‘Best Of 2017’ blog posts off STRONG.

I had the coolest opportunities to shoot with so many cool people this year. Headshots, senior portraits, concerts, small business brand photos: this blog post is dedicated to all those awesome portrait/lifestyle-y shoots.

I don’t usually pick an ultimate favorite, but this year I have one. This next photo stands out to me as one of my most favorite photos I’ve ever made. Nature, friendship, being in one’s element, fall, the great outdoors, casual, real. It’s all in there and I love it. Thanks to Noah, Jacob and Zach for setting up their hammocks at sunset on a mountaintop and being the most laid back models ever. They’re the real MVPs of this image. 😉

Enjoy the rest of my favorite portraits and lifestyle images! (Best of Weddings and Families coming SOON!)