Our New Place

Nate and I moved in mid-October, to a tiny two-bed ranch across town. We were planning to move by spring 2018 anyways, but when our landlord told us he wanted to sell by January, we knew we had to find something soon. We were able to find, tour, and sign a lease for this new place in 3 days. It was FAST, but it felt right.

The best thing about our new place is all the wall space and normal (8 foot) ceilings. We could touch the ceilings of our old apartment, so 8 foot ceilings are DREAMY. I have so much room to hang photos and art! Another super nice perk is we have a guest bedroom! (It also doubles as my office) We bought two futons and have already had two guests stay with us. Yes, the vibe I was going for was college dorm room 😉
  We got is this adorable turquoise chair for the living room & I love it so much. It’s the perfect place to sit and read.

The kitchen had some loooovely orange countertops, so we covered them with marble contact paper. It’s an easy fix for us renters. 🙂  Since we moved, I’ve also been working on my succulent game! I have so many cute guys in my collection!

It’s tiny and yes, we do have a bathroom and bedroom, but those are not blog worthy 😉 Thanks for hangin!