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One of my styled/fun photo shoot ideas for this summer was to grab some artsy best friends and take them on a mural tour of Boston. Well one of MY good friends, Amy (a painter & photographer), volunteered herself and her longestbestfriend, Leah (a hair and makeup artist), and we were off!

The first mural we stopped by is the pretty instafamous mural called Domino Theory by artist @calebneelonart. Caleb has created quite a few murals around Boston, all of them super colorful and fun. This one can be seen from the highway if you’re getting off the Somerville/Allston exit. It’s huge! 

This is the Purple Cactus mural, on the side of a restaurant called the Purple Cactus (hence the name). It’s is in JP and was done by the @mayorsmuralcrew which is a summer art program for Boston teens! I’m not affiliated with them, but I was very inspired while I was doing my mural research. I think their purpose and mission is important and awesome. Not only does it give kids a way to be involved in their community, but it also results in gorgeous works of art all around Boston! 

I had a ton of fun playing with prisms and patterns and of course, my wonderful models!

This is the Tenango mural, also done by the Mayor’s Mural Crew. It’s just a few blocks from the Purple Cactus mural. I loved it’s Norwegian inspired design!

Thank you Amy and Leah for traveling up to Boston to be my muses! I love how these creative, bestie pics turned out! <3

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  • Hannah

    on August 30, 2017  12:27 pm

    This is such a fun session. I love a good colorful mural.

  • Amanda Grazioli

    on August 30, 2017  12:49 pm

    Love this shoot—totally captures the feeling of summer in Boston: color, fun, sandals, and all!