WKLY | 23

Ireland messed me up, so the last three weeks of WKLY have been labeled all¬†wrong. So we’re at week 23 all over again ūüėČ Also! Today is my birthday! *quietly singing happy birthday¬†to myself*

This past weekend was pretty fun and full and friend-y! My family celebrated my Uncle John’s birthday in serious style, doing a pizza crawl all around southern Connecticut. A party bus was rented, a ‘best pizza shops in CT’ route was planned, 70s classic rock was blasted, and 9 pizzas were EATEN. It was the best. I recommend this type of party for any occasion: birthdays, bachelorettes, best friend reunions. Pizza goes with everything.

Once we were full and fat from pizza, we took family photos. Why didn’t we do these BEFORE the pizza?!
The next day Nate and I ate a yummy lunch in New Haven with my bestie Rebecca and her family. Little J man is the funniest and their newest family member, Evan, is quite the smoosh!! I loved hanging out with them! 

We also¬†got to see our friends Amy and Chris and meet THEIR newest little munch, Makaela! I didn’t take any photos, though¬†– probably because I was too busy snuggling Makaela and loving every second.