WKLY | 21

THIS WEEK! May 11-17 – I watched Dispatch sing a few of their new songs on Friday at the BPL! It was so random + unplanned, but it’s those experiences that make the coolest memories.
– Nate and I went on our first kayak trip of 2017. It was a gray and chilly day, but it was the time we had to take, so we took it. In June we’ll celebrate 2 years of exploring with our kayaks. They’ve been a fun addition to the Krist life!
– Mother’s day lunch with Nate’s family at Pho Dakao.
– Visited the Cornwalls for a couple hours. Jude, you are precious!
– Photo shoot with horses!!!! (photos coming SOOOON)
– Since the horse photo shoot was up in New Hampshire, I hung out with and stayed over at my parents’ that night. I love the Hampsh.
– Whenever I purposefully get up to watch a sunrise, it’s MEH. Whenever I have to get up early to drop Nate off at the airport, the sunrises are beautiful!
– Listening to: Dear Evan Hansen, Braxton Cook, Dispatch.