WKLY | 20

HI! Resuming our regularly scheduled WKLY posts! I hope you enjoyed all my photos from Ireland over the past week. Those were fun, but we’re back to regular, real life, non-travel-related photos – which, honestly, are just as important to me as the epic, adventurous ones. But you knew that. 😉 Here were some of last week’s favorite moments.

Coffee date and nature walk around town with my friend Ruthie! We found a little side road full of pretty trees that smelled amazing! Spring TIIIIMMMEEE.

I got to hang out with some kiddos, Nico and Noah, who I used to babysit wayyyyyy back when. I say kiddos, but really, they’re all grown up and are wildly talented, interesting, dedicated & hilarious people (as pictured below 😉 ). Their mom, Janice, has been an awesome friend of mine since probably… 200… 6? Anyways, it had been a while since I’d seen their family, so it was fun to hang! 

On Friday night I got to see Noah perform in the high school talent/variety show and let me tell you, the guy is talented. And works very hard for it. I am proud of him. 

While I in town I also had a wonderful breakfast date with my friend Emilia! Ugh. I love friends.
Can we talk about the idea of home? Keene is and always will be my hometown, but it certainly doesn’t ‘feel’ like home anymore. It just feels like I am visiting a cute town that I used to know. Especially since my parents no longer live there and I hadn’t been back in almost a year! But this cute town where I grew up will always be part of me, so it still kind of is home.

Ok well, here’s a sunset and a behind the scenes photo from Marissa’s senior photo shoot. She’s another one I’m proud of. Full of love, super smart, and headed to a really great college next year! I am lucky to know a lot of cool teenagers.