WKLY | 18

It’s Week 18 of WKLY. Welcome!

This was the week of photo shoots & friends! I had 4 photo shoots over the weekend: 2 portraits, 1 engagement and 1¬†small event. Loved it. I love it. Love. ūüėČ // Nate and I¬†saw so many friends this week! This weekend we got together with some long-time¬†friends and it was so great to catch up and hang out. Then we met up with Ricky at Lookout Farm in Natick and enjoyed some local cider outside on the patio. On Monday my friend Kay and her baby, Jude, came over and we enjoyed the INCREDible summer weather at the South Natick falls. On Wednesday I got lunch with my friend Mary at the Common Cafe. AND THEN! I had art night! When a ton of friends came over and looked through all my art and took their favorite pieces¬†home. That was super fun. I don’t consider myself much of a hostess, but the more I host, the more I like the idea of¬†hosting more.

Of course, very few of these things are pictured in the photos because I was not on my photo game this week. Which is the whole point of this blog series in the first place. So. My bad.¬†Oh yeah, and we¬†hiked Noanet. Because SPRINGTIME. ūüėČ