WKLY | 11

The photo situation this week is a little different than the past 10 weeks.

That’s because I’m the worst and accidentally deleted a whole day’s worth of awesome images from my camera this weekend. And I AM SAD. A whole day of galavanting around Boston with our friends Kate and Devon, being tourists for a bit, and enjoying the great weather. Thankfully I did take some pictures on my phone, and so did Kate, which she willingly shared with me.

First we toured the Old State House and learned more about it’s history. I’m telling you, every time I learn something new and cool about vintage Boston, I fall a little more in love with the city. This tour was no exception. Then we walked to the North End, to Paul Revere’s House and the Old North Church. Of course we enjoyed our share of pizza and cannoli. Had to. It’s the North End rules. 😉 Then we wandered near the harbor, over to some bookstores, and ended the day with an amazing meal at Durgin Park.

Truthfully, the photo ‘situation’ put me in a weird photo mood for the rest of the week and I didn’t really take any other photos. I’m ok with it. Maybe I needed a break. The weather this week was incredible, and that’s one thing I want to remember. I also want to remember that I saw Josh Garrels in concert and he was amazing! Oh, my heart. Can’t describe the feelings. Too good.