We’re Going to Italy!!!!



In less than 3 weeks (!!!!) Nate and I will embark on an adventure to ITALY! I am so excited!! He has been before, but I haven’t and it’s always been a country I’ve wanted to visit. The first few days of our trip will be spent celebrating (and photographing!) my brother-in-law’s destination wedding in Siena. Then Nate and I will have another 2 weeks to ourselves to explore. We’ve done our research and here are a few of the sights we’d like to see (and hopefully WILL see!)

Florence Must-Sees
The Duomo
Uffizu Gallery
Basically any beautiful cathedral we walk by

Rome Must-Sees
Spanish Steps
St. Peter’s
The Vatican

Sorrento Area Must-Sees
Pompeii day trip
Naples day trip

Cinque Terre Must-Sees
Hike 12 miles through the towns and take a lot of photos along the way

I need to know… Where do we eat!! I will take any and all recommendations! I’ve listed the cities we’re visiting above, now tell me where to eat! 🙂 🙂 🙂

You bet I’ll have plenty of photos to share when we get home. GET PUMPED.