Dimitra + James // Engaged! | Charles River Engagement Photos

When your friends want to get adventurous for their engagement shoot, you readily agree and end up creating some of your favorite photos ever! Kayaking on the Charles River is now my preferred way to take engagement photos! 🙂

D+J have an unconventional love story that I want to share with you, BUT I feel like I need to wait until their wedding blog post, because it’s just that good. It’s a good story in the way that only God could have written it. It’s a good story that illustrates how worlds turn upside down, but love wins overall. It’s a good story because they are good people who love each other in a good way. Though trials came, and will come again, they are in it together forever. No matter what.

Full story to come mid-August. 😉




P.S. Yes, I was sitting in a kayak for most of these. I told you, adventurous. 🙂


Thanks Boating In Boston, in Newton, MA for having us.