Our Wedding Invitations // Personal | Wellesley, MA Wedding Photographer

I finally had a chance to take a few pictures of our wedding invites! My boss at a deux bridal and I designed them together, and Nathaniel and I assembled them all! And then I doodled ALL THE NAMES on the front of the envelopes. that was actually my favorite part. Take a look!

All the pieces together! Also, please, everyone, line your envelopes! Such a easy upgrade to make your invites feel a little more special.

The doodle-y typeface is called Carolyna Pro. It’s my new go-to for invite design. So pretty!!

For some reason WordPress is dulling down the green in these images! Not sure why, but be rest assured the green was very lovely.

Hope you liked them! They were one of my favorite details of our wedding (probably because pink & green are the best colors ever) (and I really loved the pattern) (and invitations in general are some of the coolest things ever). =)


P.S. Yes, the blog post was scheduled. We’re currently somewhere warm and sunny on our honeymoon. I plan ahead!