Beach Days // Personal | Boston Lifestyle Photographer

Because we both well know summer should be full of sun and sand, my friend Aubrey & I went for a impromptu beach visit last weekend. At a high of 68-ish and a little windy, it wasn’t what you’d call “perfect” beach weather, but we found a sunny spot and planted ourselves and our towels anyways. I read a little, napped a little, and picture-took a little. Played around with the perfectly straight shore line in these compos (which would be an abbreviation to those of you new here). Here’s my perspective.

And now for two more traditional beach-y pics:

Growing up, the closest beach to me was the public pool (aka: not a beach) so living no further than 40 minutes from one now is, like, the most glorious thing ever. Knowing I can take a few hours on a Sunday and enjoy the sun with a friend is really exciting! If you were wondering, we did take pictures together, but we were all squinty and shiny from the probably-not-so-protective tanning oil, so I chose to spare you from those really pretty photos. You’re welcome. =)

Happy summer! Stay cool out there!