Spring Bridal Shower | Bridal Shower Inspiration Photography

This weekend was my bridal shower! My mom and sister spent a ton of time making decorations and food. I basically only took pictures of the food because A) that’s all I had time for before people started flooding the house =) And B) the food was just so pretty that I forgot other things existed. BUT! That’s ok. My mom takes pictures like a crazy, so we’ll definitely remember all who were there.

Anyways, check out some of the goodness. You can be a little jealous =)

Completely handmade (sewn, painted, ect) favors. Little coasters for wine glasses with a Tazo tea bag inside. Simple and so practical!

Looooove the chalkboard signs.

My friend Sarah brought cake pops and they literally were the talk of the party. Honestly the most perfect yummies I’ve ever tasted. And SO pretty!! (Red velvet cake inside!)

Polka dots! And hooooomemade mango salsa deliciousness.

Scones from Kristen’s Bakery.

Seriously, didn’t my sister and mom do a gorgeous job at decorating and making yummy food? I can’t get over it. Definitely a great day filled with lots of ladies from different areas/times of my life. It was cool to see everyone together in one house! Thank you to all who came and made it fun!


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  • Meg

    on June 18, 2012  12:35 pm

    why did you wash them all out :( it was such a colorful day and this makes it look dull!

  • Stephanie

    on June 19, 2012  2:06 pm

    Aw sorry Meg. I thought it was a cool effect. I still think they look colorful! I uploaded to originals to FB. =)