Francis Wedding | Monadnock Covenant Church, Keene NH

“Lucky I’m in love with my best friend
Lucky to have been where we have been
Lucky to be coming home again.”
-jason mraz, lucky 


Me? I’m just lucky that I get to call this sweet couple my friends! Steph & I have known each other since we were teens (via Camp Spofford staff circa 2004!) AND, even though I just met Brad this past April, I still feel like we’ve been friends forever. I was so excited to shoot their wedding because I knew it was going to be small, intimate, and suuuuuper fun. And it was all those things, and more!  The ceremony took place in the back field of Monadnock Covenant Church, Steph’s home church. She and her girls also got ready there, every so often peeking through the window to see how the set-up was going outside. Just a little curious!

Look how gorgeous she is!

While Steph was getting her hair done and gown on, her man was prepping in his own ways: Tie? check. Banana patterned socks? check. (yes, my friends, they exist. you’ll see them a few pictures down).

I got to party it up with the dudes for a bit.

Oh Oh! The socks! Dinosaurs, sharks, bananas and crabs! But seriously… those banana socks…

And on the gals side: Steph and her sister has some gorgeous colors on their feet:

Ok, here we are onto the ceremony. PLEASE just watch all the emotions on their faces. Some of the most precious gazes, tears, laughs, smiles & glances I’ve ever seen.

At one point their backdrop got a little windblown. It just added some more fun to the ceremony =)

“Brad, you may now kiss your new wife!” *KISS* * CHEERS* *CLAPS* “And Stephanie! YOU may now kiss your new husband!” *ANOTHER KISS!* *MORE CHEERING* *LOTS OF LAUGHING*

Shout out to the awesome bridal party! ::: I’d only met most of you that morning, but by the end of the day, I felt like we’d been friends forever. (seems like a trend with this wedding. a GOOD trend!)

Steph and Brad spent so much time on the reception details that I literally could not step away from taking pictures of them. Get this: EVERY pair of salt and pepper shakers were different. Thank you local thrift stores!

Every guest got to enjoy their own personal baked-in-a-mason-jar wedding cake! Also known as: my idea of perfection.

And if mason-cakes weren’t mason-y enough for ya, we all drank our mint water and ice tea out of them as well. There must have been over 200 jars in that reception hall!

Okay, okay, I know what you’re all thinking: WHERE ARE THOSE NEWLYWEDS?! Well, right here! ::::

No harm in adding a bit of color to the equation:

Or lawn games for that matter!

Speaking of lawn games, this is the conversation that was happening at this exact moment: “Mom! It’s happening! Everything I envisioned is happening! We’re all outside having fun, making s’mores and playing lawn games! I’m so excited and I borrowed someone’s camera because I just had to take a picture of it!”

These little ones were the life of the party (I mean, besides the bride and groom!). Seriously like 1/3 of the reception pictures are of them, cuz they’re just tooooo cute. Like when they all dance together!

Or when they were helping Steph with her dress =)

Or when they were hugging their soon-to-be-born-baby-sibling!

Yes, these families love to hug.

And then they were OFF! To the land of maple syrup & ice hockey (aka Canada.) Hope you’re having an awesome time!!

StephScwaired, I love you. Brad, you’re pretty great too. And together, you are just so sweet. I know that every guest at your wedding feels the same way! Thanks for putting so much time and detail into your day!


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  • Crystal Toegel

    on June 15, 2012  5:50 pm

    Hi Stephanie,
    these photos are just incredible. You captured so many very special moments - they are just beautiful. I am interested in buying some prints from you and also viewing the photos of our family and extended family shots. I am also interested in getting a few copies of the pic that you took of my sister and I holding my brother's picture. Could you tell me how we can proceed in getting some prints and also seeing some of the other photos so I can decide what prints to get? Thanks so much.
    You are incredibly talented and I am so glad you captured Steph and Brad's wedding!
    Take care.
    Crystal Toegel