Extra Extra! New Blogsite!

Oh my GOODNESS. This new blogsite has been a long time coming, right? Are you so excited? I am!

If you’ve followed me here from my 365 blog, then YAY! You rock! And I’m soooo blessed by your devotion to This World Around You Photography! You blog readers seriously have my heart and I wish we could hang out every day.

Or, if you’ve randomly stumbled upon this blogsite, then YAY! You are now in the land of pretty pictures, beautiful weddings and adorable children. Stay a while, why don’t you? Oh, and let’s be friends. =) Really.

What’s a blogsite? Basically, a website and a blog, mashed into one cohesive corner-of-the-internet space. You only need to come to one place to find everything you need to know about This World Around You Photography. If you look in the navigation bar, you can find links to my portfolio, pricing info, more about me, and even links to my old blog’s wedding post archives. No need to fret, I’ve got it all set up for you! It is (and always will be) a work in progress, so bear with me if things change around a bit every once in a while.

So anyways, what does this mean for my “old” blog? Well, it’s still going to be my 365 Project blog. I’ll post daily pictures on that one, and save this blogsite for photo shoots and business-y things. Make sense? I think this system will work out well. So guess what you have to do now? Enjoy it! And come back often, we have some great shoots coming your way! Engagements, baby bellies, cute kiddos, ect. It’s gonna be awesome. =) And thanks again for being the best blog readers ever. Okay, I’m biased. But really. You rock.

~stephanie rita

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  • Robyn Miller

    on November 9, 2011  4:35 pm


    This blogsite is fabulous! I always love "stopping by" to see the wonderful things you've been up to, and I'm loving this change. It's a feel-good/look-good site, always! Kudos to you!!! Rock on.