I was so lucky to be able to second shoot for Tiffany Medrano Photography earlier in the summer. S+J were a fun (and funny!) couple who planned a lovely wedding! Their overflowing joy mixed with their super awesome friends made the whole day so fun and easy to shoot. The Quidnessett Country Club had the perfect beach backdrop they were looking for. Here are some of my favorites from their day!

Quidnesset Country Club, Rhode Island Wedding_0032
Quidnesset Country Club, Rhode Island Wedding_0033
Quidnesset Country Club, Rhode Island Wedding_0034
Quidnesset Country Club, Rhode Island Wedding_0035

Quinnesset Country Club, Rhode Island Wedding_0046
Quidnesset Country Club, Rhode Island Wedding_0036
Quinnesset Country Club, Rhode Island Wedding_0047
Quidnesset Country Club, Rhode Island Wedding_0037

Quidnesset Country Club, Rhode Island Wedding_0040
Quidnesset Country Club, Rhode Island Wedding_0039

quidnessett country club wedding north kingston RI_0149

quidnessett country club wedding north kingston RI_0150
Quidnesset Country Club, Rhode Island Wedding_0041
This is a serious fave. Maybe ever, of a bridal portrait!

Quidnesset Country Club, Rhode Island Wedding_0042

Quidnesset Country Club, Rhode Island Wedding_0038
Yeah, they definitely work well together.;)

Quidnesset Country Club, Rhode Island Wedding_0044


quidnessett country club wedding north kingston RI_0146
quidnessett country club wedding north kingston RI_0147
quidnessett country club wedding north kingston RI_0148

Congrats again!!


Since I can’t get coffee in real life with every person who reads this blog (sad), I write about what I’d tell you, like a virtual coffee date!;)


Hello blog friends! (is it weird that I consider all you friends? maybe just a little weird.) Anyways, July has been slow and busy all at the same time. This month I didn’t shoot one wedding. Not one, not even second shooting! So I’ve counted this month as a bit of a mini-break. Except that a variety of other cool things crept their way in and I didn’t even mind!

I’m using this month to catch up (and start) and bunch of freelance design projects. I lettered the sweetest quote from one of my 2012 couples’ wedding ceremony. I’m currently working on a photo & lettering mixed media piece for my aunt. And there’s a housewarming gift, a children’s book quote, and a whole series of Bible verses in the works! It’s been good for me to completely focus on this creative outlet, something I haven’t had time to do in a while.


We also took our annual vacation up to Camp Spofford. If you’ve been around my blog in the last two weeks, you’ve seen a lot of cute portrait sessions I did for all the friends who were with us that week! The point of Spofford is to relax, spend quality time with friends, and also spend quality time with the Lord. All three things were accomplished, plus I got to snuggle all of my best friends’ babies for 7 days straight! That was pretty fun.


I haven’t been running much, like at all, this month. One or two 1 or 2 mile runs here and there. Nothing serious. It’s just too hot, and maybe I’m a little bit lazy. But I’ve been trying Crossfit a few days a week (quite the experience, let me tell you) and we’ve also gone on evening walks to the lake near our house. This stone bridge is my secret photo spot. Now the secret is out.;)


Even though July weddings don’t seem to exist, July Signature Experiences seem to be popular! I really (times 100) love these sessions and getting to know the creative and entrepreneurial women in front of my camera. These are only if you’re looking for MORE than a headshot, photos that are true to you and completely un-boring. Really, that’s what they are!


A few more things about July:
- I recently discovered Peet’s Coconut Iced Coffee and my summer was immediately changed for the better.
- There have been some epic thunderstorms and many nights of sleeping with the windows open to hear the rain.
- We’ve been to two lovely backyard parties hosted by families at our church. It makes me long for the day when we have a house and can do the same!
- My sister and I have been snail mail buds while she’s working in the NH woods as a camp counselor. (hashtag keeping the post office in business.)
- We road tripped up to Syracuse for a visit with our college friends and hiked the gorges in Ithaca!

July is cool, I guess. What have you been up to?

  • Tia - YAY!!! Was hoping that yous guys had a great time at Spofford…seems like long ago, now. And glad to hear you’re working on that project!!!

I’m so excited to share Kelley’s Signature Experience session! Kelley is a freelance writer for Parenting Magazine, a mom of 3 young boys, an avid runner, and a fitness advocate. So basically, a rockstar!

Coming into her Signature Experience, her wish was for natural, laid-back portraits that capture her fun side. She has been working hard on launching a new business venture is just that: a FUN online community for kids learn all the basics of a healthy lifestyle, complete with activities around town for kids to participate in. Kelley has so many great ideas and I can’t wait until her site launches in August!


We met up on Wellesley College campus, which has luscious greenery and a great stone bridge. I love using this spot for portraits!


Kelley, you are doing great things and I’m so glad to know you!


If you’re a small business owner or creative person and you’d like to schedule your very own Signature Experience, email me directly at stephanieritaphoto[at]gmail.com and we will set up a coffee date! 

Laura and Eric are expecting their first babylove this October! They also just bought their first house, so their level of adventure is WAY up there :) L+E are a fun duo, very silly, yet very humble and honest. It was special to be able to capture this season of their life for them.

OutdoorMaternity_SpoffordNHMaternityPhotographer_eric laura_0125

OutdoorMaternity_SpoffordNHMaternityPhotographer_eric laura_0132

OutdoorMaternity_SpoffordNHMaternityPhotographer_eric laura_0129

OutdoorMaternity_SpoffordNHMaternityPhotographer_eric laura_0128

OutdoorMaternity_SpoffordNHMaternityPhotographer_eric laura_0130

OutdoorMaternity_SpoffordNHMaternityPhotographer_eric laura_0133

OutdoorMaternity_SpoffordNHMaternityPhotographer_eric laura_0126

Congrats again, friends! I know you are going to be amazing parents!



To schedule your very own family or maternity session,
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