The first time I met Nolan he was one month old. And guess what. Now he’s two YEARS old! And since I last saw the R family in the spring of 2013, they’ve added a new member to the family! Little Claire love, who is 6 months old! With her fiery red hair, bright blue eyes and a big, sweet smile. It’s my fourth time photographing this family and the first as a family a four. It’s so exciting to be able to watch families grow up together and document the seasons of life for them! Enjoy my favorite photos from our Cold Spring Park session!

Big brother kisses!


Such a sweetie!! She was so good for our whole session!


Nolan had fun exploring the bridge and throwing leaves into the water below. With that same big smile!


Mamma and her kiddos. Love all those smiles! Dad was in the background making them all laugh:)

Thank you R family for your dedication to preserving family memories! <3


This year I’ve had the opportunity to hang out with the K family twice! And each time it’s better and better. For their fall session, we met at Elm Bank on the prettiest day of October. Little Isla, who I met when she was just 3 weeks old, is now walking! Time flies! Both girls had fun exploring the gardens and playing in the leaves (and maybe mom+dad did, too?;))

So coordinated, this little love is!

Look at those scrunchy sister faces! Oh my gosh, I love this picture.


J+M, thank you for investing in photos that will help tell your girls the story of their lives.


Mom and Dad were on the sidelines throwing leaves! This was so fun.


Such a fun evening. Thanks K family!!:)



The Marcoux fam is at it again! We hung out on our ever-favorite Wellesley College campus for a sunny, fall afternoon earlier this week. Every time I take photos of this family, they end up being some of my favorite images. These are no different! Thanks Marcoux fam for all your encouragement and kind words and for being SRP’s biggest cheerleaders!

I call this “The Tickle Series”

The girls! Oldest and youngest and the sweetest of friends.

Annnnnd. The boys. Regular.:)

We’ll end on a perfect fall picture! Love these kiddos!



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Hey friends! Sorry for the radio silence last week. Nate and I were off exploring the pretty parts of San Fran and Napa Valley. We mixed in visits with Nate’s extended family and a few of our favorite friends from Syracuse. It was a very weird time to plan a vacation, seeing as it’s prime time for leaf-gorgeousness here in New England (and therefor very busy in the family session department). BUT as soon as I accepted the fact that I would not be working for two weekends in a row, I was actually really glad to get away for a while. But enough about me and onto the pictures!

We stayed at Nate’s aunt and uncle’s house in Bodega Bay the first few nights, which happens to be right near the water! Thank you, Jesus, for oceans. The first morning I went running and it was so foggy that I could barely see two steps in front of me! I was just minding my own business when all of a sudden BAM! I rounded the corner and saw a faint view of the ocean, so obviously I had to find my way down to the beach. Ten minutes later this is what awaited me. Heart stopped.

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And then I found a cave.

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Our weekend in Bodega Bay was mostly filled with ocean walks and relaxing, with a few winery tastings mixed in. We stopped at the German Gundlach Bundshu, the Italian Beuna Vista, and the Sonoman (not a word?) Ravenswood. I think the first place was my favorite, mostly because the tasting room was in a rock cave. So.:)

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On our way down to San Fran, we stopped at Muir Woods, which is a huge, amazing, magical forest with Redwood trees! We hiked for about 2 hours and even saw a deer!:)This little side adventure is one of my favorite memories from our week.

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Let me be honest with you. We planned this vacation in two days, not to mention less than a week before we left. I wish I was kidding. Luckily we were still able to find some prettttyyy impressive B&B’s to stay at! Once we got to downtown San Fran, we spent two nights at The Inn San Francisco, which was the cutest B&B maybe I’ve ever seen. So well kept and such friendly staff. Not in the niiiiiiiicest area of town, but it was definitely the nicest house on the block, with a ton of ethnic restaurants just a few blocks over. We had authentic seafood paella at Esperpento!

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Our B&B also had a rooftop deck! This was the view looking over to the heart of San Fran. Looked really cool at night, too!

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If you were wondering if we rode a cable car, DUH. Isn’t that a SF requirement? Those hills are seriously insane.

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We walked a LOT of hills that day! Mostly because we were lost. But half because it was fun.:)We also visited the pier, Lombard Street (the crazy zigzag one), the botanical garden in Golden Gate Park, and Fog Harbor for lunch (where we met not one, but TWO Syracuse alum, thanks to Nate’s ‘Cuse shirt he was wearing.)

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I should also mention that Tartine Bakery is worth a visit.

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Before we trekked off to Napa, we stopped in Sausalito! Maybe my favorite little town? Nate said it reminded him of Italy. Things of note: Galerie Elektra (best art collection ever), Lappert’s Ice Cream (best coconut macadamia ice cream ever), and the views.

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Then it was time to be on Napa time! Our B&B, the Old World Inn, was so fancy! Gorgeous old house, close to down town Napa, amazing breakfasts and yummy desserts every night;)Embarrassingly enough, the only photo I took of it was the bathroom. I hope you can see why. (If you can’t, it’s because it’s GORGEOUS. You’re welcome for the help.) Favorite random memory: stumbling upon a live 6-man band in a little alley and stopping to listen for a while.

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Selfies at Andretti Winery.

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We splurged on the full taste/tour at Castello di Amorosa. It’s a CASTLE. A real (well, never reeeaaal, but authentically made with materials sourced from Italy) CASTLE. The tour was all about the process of how they make wine and we even tasted some straight from a barrel. Also, our tour guide happened to be (the only) Italian (working there), so between the castle and his accent, I don’t have to visit Italy, right? Jk jk, it’s on the top of my list.

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Lunch time at Gott’s! We highly recommend this place, seeing as both our afternoons in Napa were spent gobbling up their burgers and fish tacos.

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We hung out in the Oxbow Market area of Napa for a few hours. Besides the very cool, well-designed, mostly organic/trendy open market, we also stumbled upon Poor House and Model Bakery. If I lived there, I’d be at all these places a whole heckuva lot.

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The last part of our trip included ALL THESE SPECIAL PEOPLE! The West-Coast-‘Cuse-Crew. It was so great to be able to spend a whole weekend with them (for the first time in 2 years!). They introduced us to the Marin Headlands, which is like the best view of SF ever. Then we drove to a beach. Then we went to Sausalito again! Then we watched the sun set over the ocean! Then we played games until midnight, which is the latest I’ve stayed up in a long time! Church, Taco Sunday, Farmer’s Market, more ocean views, cute coffee shops, more games, more memories… too good. Miss ya’ll already. <3

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Sooooooo that was our San Fran / Napa trip!

If you’re not into personal posts, I’ll be back early next week with a ton of new family sessions for you to look at.;)


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